Ultimate 2020 calculator cost to install Paver in driveway, walkway, pool deck or patio project

Paver calculator cost

An approximate estimate is always better than uncertainty!

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If you want to create a paved driveway or patio improvements, use our paver calculator to estimate the cost of your project. You can use this calculator to estimate the cost of your project. You only need to enter the width and length in feet and the calculator will shows you the total area that should be covered in square feet, we have also incorporated a minimum material cost value so that the calculator shows you an estimate.


On the other hand, by having the total square footage you need to pave your driveway, walkway or patio project. You should only consider that our estimates range from $ 3.5 to $ 6.0 per square foot to install paver.

The cost estimate includes:

  • Preparation work time, mobilization time and the minimum hourly expenses that are commonly included for small brick paver installation work.

  • The costs of supplying local material / equipment for transportation and the service provider to and from the workplace.

  • The costs for the cleaning and removal of debris work at the end of the project.

  • The costs to prepare the workplace for the installation of brick paver Patio, including costs to protect existing structure (s), finishes, materials and components.

The estimate does not includes:

  • Permission or inspection fees (or part thereof) required by the local construction department for your overall project.

  • Overhead contractor and general contractor to organize and supervise the installation of brick paver Patio. Add 15% to 23% of the total cost over whether a general contractor will oversee this project.

  • Sales tax on materials and supplies.

  • The costs of removing, relocating, repairing or modifying existing structural elements, surface, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems - or bring those systems in compliance with current building codes.

  • Expenses for testing and remediation of hazardous materials (asbestos, lead, etc.).

But on what depends our price range?

Well, it all has to do with the total square footage to work. The larger the work we can make good discounts so you can count on us in your next paver installation project.

If this information was useful to you, share it, call us or just create your estimate request with our online form and we will give you the best price for your next home improvement project.

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